Handheld — Дискография

6 ноября 2011 | Просмотров: 880

Formed from late elementary school dreams; Handheld is a five-player team not to be missed. Driven by speed, dual lead guitars, and a live show to write home about, Handheld strives to impact audiences of all ages in all venues. “Hands-on-music,” is an expression coined by the band to help convey their musical concept and vision, and allows listeners to grasp their music and make a personal connection to it, not just listen to it. Handheld can be described as a well-blended mixture of technical guitar riffs, melodic harmonies, and lightening fast drum fills and bass runs, with the occasional breakdown and gang vocals.

1999 — Homebrew
2000 — Still Tickin’
2002 — This Dream Is Just Not For Me
2003 — The Mark Worner (EP)
2005 — All We Could Afford (EP)
2008 — Handheld

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